Isolate the junta – No to Obamas visit in Sweden!

More then 600 protestors has been murdered by the Egyptian military. The military junta, armed and financed by the US, has shown it´s true face.
Swedens foreign minister Carl Bildt expresses his sorrow, but does not extend himself to any concrete measurs. Instead he falls in behind the US, who pretends to protest their own puppets by cancelling a joint military exercise – while at the same time continuing it´s arms shipments and financial support. If the Swedish government really opposes the killing, it must demand that the US ends it aid to the Egyptian military and cancel Obama’s planned visit to Stockholm on September  4th.
Social Democracy in Egypt, together with the liberal parties, has worked as quislings and lent themselves to participate in the junta´s sham government. Now that the junta is acting just as a junta they withdraw, acting like vultures circling the bodies on the streets of Egypt, waiting for the situation to become beneficial for them to settle down and rejoin the same junta. It is a shame for Swedish Social Democracy that they have not denounced these killers, just as they did not denounce the old dictator Mubarak (who was a member of their Socialist International) until it was clear that he would lose power.
Social Democracy, the liberals and the junta, certainly has nothing to offer the Egyptian masses, but neither has the Muslim Brotherhood. Even if it´s the brotherhood´s supporters being slaughtered right now, they are not in opposition to the imperialists financial and military exploitation of Egypt. On the contrary, many of their leaders belong to the richest families of Egypt and the oppression against the labour movement was heavy handed under their rule.  Nor do they have any solutions to the survivalist issues that face the people of Egypt, such as water and energy supply, unemployment and price increases.
The Arabic struggle for freedom now in the hands of the workers
What is needed in Egypt is a third alternative based on the labour movement, not including the Social Democratic collaborators. The workers who fight on a daily basis for their economic demands in the factories of Egypt must politicise their struggle.
The junta and the Muslim Brotherhood has set the terms for all further political struggle. A challenging worker´s opposition will henceforth have to organise their self defence meanwhile advancing to complete the Arabic revolution and establish a workers government for survival in alliance with other low-income earners, and in particular the working and poor women who are being oppressed and discriminated by all sides. If the counter-revolutionaries manage to consolidate their state-terrorist junta in Egypt it will have repercussions for the struggle for freedom in the entire region and the Arabic revolution will be trampled down.


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